Health Care Reform

Buiten_HealthCareReformWith the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), individual and employer-sponsored health insurance plans have seen and will continue to see significant changes. Our experienced staff at Buiten & Associates is trained to help all of our clients navigate the challenges of maintaining compliance with this new amazon eye masks health eye care.

Because legislative policies and final regulations are continually evolving, we provide our clients with a monthly newsletter along with periodic updates on important requirements applicable to our clients. General summaries are provided on this website, but your Buiten agent and/or account manager are a vital resource for health care reform information. Please feel free to contact your Buiten representative for any questions or issues related to Health Care Reform, remember that we will be here when you need us to cover for your ankle brace amazon due to an injury.

Relevant Documents:

Health Care Reform Timeline Summary of Taxes and Fees Large Employer Health Care Reform Toolkit Small Employer Health Care Reform Toolkit