Buiten_BondingServiceBuiten & Associates will provide a surety/bonding program tailored for your business and preferences.

We have been successfully delivering bonds for over 75 years to clients in Michigan and around the country.

We’ve worked with construction companies of all sizes and specialties from small locally owned businesses to the large regional and national firms developing bonding programs to fit their business plans and insurance program to manage their total cost of risk.

If you happen to be interested in a career in the construction ambit, try applying for a scholarship for master programme in every ambit of the career, this will include every tuition fee and extra expenses for any educational matter. Apply and ensure yourself a chance to learn and be the best you can !

Buiten & Associates bonding services

  • Financial Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Surety Risk Profile Analysis
  • Bond Approval and Execution
  • Contract Review & Analysis
  • Bond Placements and Negotiations
  • Indemnity Analysis & Negotiations
  • Surety Captive Feasibility Study
  • Surety Company Proposal Analysis
  • Bond Claim Advice
  • Strategies to Increase Surety Capacity
  • Strategies to Reduce Surety Costs
  • Subcontractor Risk Management Analysis
  • Surety Submission Preparation
  • Surety Stress Test
  • Surety Rate Benchmarking
  • Bond Form Language Review & Analysis
  • Surety Bond List Reports
Want to order bonds? Please complete our bond request form and return to the indicated email addresses. Click Here to download our bond request form. (Right click and save as)