Andi Kober

Andi joined Buiten & Associates in 2018, and is a Commercial Lines Account Manager who works with Ben Knoester. Once she graduated from college, Andi started her insurance career in 1987 on the carrier’s side, and then later she started working on the agency side of commercial insurance.
She is a licensed Property & Casualty Agent and has been a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) for over 10 years and loves taking Continuing Education classes. Andi loves visiting her clients at their place of business to really learn what they do so that she can offer suggestions on how to better their current insurance coverage and keep up with the latest trends. Her ambition and goal is to convince her clients that insurance is fun and they can too, can love insurance.
When she isn’t servicing clients, Andi, volunteers at Matthews House Ministries, loves to garden and collect rocks and travel in Northern Michigan and the Caribbean.